'SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES' (80's Child Rework) **Forthcoming On Midnight Riot**

Once in a while you come across something that give you goose bumps just by hearing the first few seconds of it. And then when it keeps lifting all through the intro and you feel the chills and euphoria spread throughout your body, well then you know that you’ve found a true gem! ”Something In Your Eyes” by 80’s Child is one of those rare gems. The track is an 80’s Child Rework of "This Is For You” by The System which was originally released in 1985 and featured on their album ”The Pleasure Seekers”. Now press play and get ready to look like a freshly plucked chicken!

Source: SoundCloud / 80s Child Edits

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Arman Cekin - Good Vibes [EDM.com Exclusive]
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It’s that time again, Funky Friday! Today I’m stiring it up a bit with ”Good Vibes”, a Nu Disco / Electro Funk track by Arman Cekin. A little bit outside of the genre I normally post, but if it’s funky and it’s good I will support it. Now press play and go out and dance the night away!

Source: SoundCloud / Nu Disco - EDM.com

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Great short documentary on the origins of Disco Music and it’s recent revival.

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I don’t know about you but I have a craving for some strings and a sweet boogie baseline! Fortunately Dj/Producer/Remixer Yam Who? is here to save the day with a great Rework of Seconds Of Your Love by Johnnie Taylor. The track was originally released in 1984 during the brief period that Johnnie was signed to Beverly Glen Music. Not long after the release he signed with Malaco Records and the single therefor never appeared on any album.

Source: SoundCloud / Yam Who?

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Wonkar - Rip Off (Loopy Edit) (80's Funk)
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It’s been quite a while since I last posted something now. So I’m glad I can make a comeback with the fantastic track "Love Rip Off" by Crown Heights Affair. Here in a version that’s elevated even further in Wonkar’s Loopy Edit. The track was originally released in 1982 and featured on the album ”Think Positive!”.

Crown Heights Affair formed in New York City in the early 70’s, by bass player and later manager Donnie Linton. Initially they were called The Nue Day Express. They took their new name from a district of their native Brooklyn. Now press play and Enjoy!

Source: SoundCloud / Wonkar

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Peeda's Soul Disco Boogie Mix - Summer 2014 vol. 1 f

For this Throwback Thursday I’ve decided to share my first full mix set since I got out of the DJ game over 10 years ago. A few errors here and there, some beatmixes that I should have cut shorter, but overall I would call it a decent comeback for an oldtimer that hasn’t mixed since the vinyl days. Now press play and… enjoy? Let me know what you think.

Mixed and Recorded June 2014 on a Pioneer DDJ-SB with Serato DJ.

Peeda’s Soul Disco Boogie Mix - Summer 2014 vol. 1 by Soulpeter A.K.A. Peeda on Mixcloud

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It’s Funky Friday, and you know what that means, time to get your groove on! And on top of that we’re celebrating Midsummer in Sweden today. So double up on that party mode with the brand new 80’s Child Edit of The Whispers classic ”Contagious”. The track was originally released in 1984 and featured on the album "So Good" from the same year.

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Touchoul - Every Girl
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Funky Friday requires some Aretha Franklin! Here we get "Every Girl (Wants My Guy)" in a great TouchSoul edit. The track was originally released in 1983 and featured on the album "Get It Right" from the same year. Press play and enjoy the weekend!

Source: SoundCloud / touchsoul

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Let's Dance • The Reflex 'Summer Breeze' Edit **FREE D/L**
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You know what time it is… It’s Funky Friday, so "Let’s Dance" with Pleasure! This track by Portland based Funk/Jazz/Fusion group Pleasure was originally released in 1976 and was featured on their album "Accept No Substitutes" from the same year. Here we get it in a fresh "Summer Breeze Edit" by The Reflex. Enjoy your weekend!

Source: SoundCloud / The Reflex

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DJ Cassidy feat. R. Kelly - Make The World Go Round
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It’s Saturday and time to lace up your dancing shoes once again. To help you get in the mood press play and repeat on this great track by DJ Cassidy feat. R.Kelly.

Now this is how I like my R.Kelly, with a real throwback feel! "Make The World Go Round" is the second single from DJ Cassidy’s upcoming album "Paradise Royale". The album is planned for release in June and will feature artists such as Mary J. BligeChromeoJohn Legend, Robin Thicke and many more.

Source: SoundCloud / DJ Cassidy

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I had to pull my car over when I first heard "Love Never Felt So Good" with Michael Jackson featuring Justin Timberlake. I’ve never felt so happy and sad at the same time. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions, joy from hearing this fantastic song and how respectful the production was to his music heritage, and at the same time sadness knowing he’s no longer with us…

When I heard of the new Michael album I was skeptical. I was afraid “contemporizing” his sound would mean slapping some Lil Wayne and some lame beats on it to release and monetize on people not knowing better. But wow was I proven wrong! At least by this first release. I’ve got my hopes up and my fingers crossed now, eagerly awaiting the album release on May 9th.

XSCAPE is an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. The album is produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson’s essence and integrity. It’s a process Reid calls “contemporizing.” The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain.

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Soul Touch Vol. 7 f

Now I know it’s been quiet from me for way to long now. So let me make it up to you by serving up some sweet soul to last you through the weekend. Smooth grooves all the way, compiled by Cool Million’s Frank Ryle.

Press play, kick back and relax - its all about sweet soul music.

Soul Touch Vol. 7 by Frank Ryle on Mixcloud

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Messing around with my new toy! Here playing back one of the first mixes I’ve done since I got out of the DJ game 15 years ago. Of course I had to make the comeback in the same style I left it, 90s RnB baby! (even though 80s is really my preferred choice)
I only played vinyl back then, so this style of digital mixing is all new to me, I feel like a kid, having to learn it all over again…

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Maurice Starr - You And Me (Swifft Edit)
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It’s that time again, Funky Friday! Today I decided to share another funky Swifft Edit, this time of "You And Me" by Maurice Starr a.k.a. Larry Curtis Johnson. He was originally in the Boston-based family band The Johnsons with his 5 brothers, prior to taking on the Maurice Starr name. He released 2 albums as Maurice Starr prior to making his name as a multi-instrumentalist producer for New Edition amongst others. Now press play and get ready to move your hips!

Source: SoundCloud / jonathan.swifft

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I knew Tank had a new solo project in the works after the TGT collaboration last year, but not that it was this close to dropping. So thanks goes out to DjSoulchild for putting this release back on my radar!

"You’re My Star" is a mature uptempo track from Tank laced with horns and a funky baseline that brings me back to the R&B of yesteryear but still with a fresh feel to it. Looking forward to the album titled "Stronger", slated for release later this year. Maybe 2014 will be the year when real R&B makes a comeback? Thank you Tank for putting your foot down and showing how it should be done!

Support real artists and buy the track on iTunes or stream it on Spotify

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